About Wellmark Art of Wellbeing

At Wellmark, wellbeing of our circle of operation is the core agenda. Wellbeing of the patient is our utmost concern. Ensuring high quality medicines at affordable prices is our primary mission and purpose.
Wellbeing of our business partners means better collaboration and partnerships which helps in delivering our main agenda of serving the wellbeing of the patients.
Wellbeing of our employees means providing equal opportunities by setting a stage for development and exhibiting their skill-sets.

Our History

Wellmark's foot in serving the medicine world roots back to 35 years. Over the last years we have emerged as one of the reputed names over the country.

We have facilities across India for ensuring better movement of medicines and formulations, which have been approved by major Regulatory Agencies. We have over 200 products in a range of therapeutic categories, covering almost all forms of communicable, non-communicable, rare and emerging deceases.

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Why us?

We offer medicines manufactured at state of the art facilities, across India at affordable prices. We meet all the industry standards to ensure wellbeing of the patients.

Customer service and satisfaction is our primary urge, our purpose. This Moto is imbibed in our working DNA. From delivery of medicines to catering to needs of the patients and their concerns, we strive to ensure utmost care and satisfaction.

With strategic partnerships and collaborations, we channelise the efforts for striving towards product perfection.

We have a strong team, always on their toes to educate and help our clients. Got a query? Ready for partnering with us? Need additional assistance? We are happy to serve.

With already over 200 formulations, we are continuously working on adding new ones. In the near future we will be having 400 formulations in the pipeline.


We are blessed with an opportunity to serve the society. Thus we utilize the opportunity in manufacturing best quality medicines for human use and helping the society to lead a comfortable life. Our partnership with Wellmark, apart from other big players like Unichem , Zuventus, Wockhardt , Emcure, Intas , Eris Lifesciences Lupin , Cachet and Balpharma creates a platform for reaching out more people, and in creating wellness to the society at large

Associated Biotech A WHO-cGMP Certified Company

Our philosophy

Wellbeing of all.

Our work

Delivering quality medicines through effective collaboration

Our vision

Ensuring high quality medicines at affordable prices

Our Brands

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